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Summer Reading Part 1

July 14, 2011

Do you get a lot of sewing done in the summer? Taking a look around blogland, I’d say that lots of us do. Whether it’s hand sewing for the car or cottage, or staying inside in on a “too hot to do anything else” day, there seems to be a lot of sewing going on. But summer is also a time for recharging, and maybe that means taking a break from the machine. I’d like to take some time over the next few months to share some of my favorite books for ideas and inspiration. (I know the internet is awash in photos and inspiration, but sometimes I want a break from the computer too.) 

I thought I’d start with a collection of books from Rowan and the “prince of piece” himself – Kaffe Fassett. As you can see, three of these are on loan from our amazing public library, and one was a gift to myself a few years ago, just ’cause. I have to confess I drool over the photos in all of these books, and whether or not I ever make a single quilt from them is not a concern. The fabrics are beautiful, the designs are amazing, the quilts are gorgeous and the photography is stunning. And the directions … well, I wouldn’t know.  All cutting seems to be based on templates, even the easy-peasy squares and rectangles, but I’m sure you can adapt those to rotary cutting.

The stack of books I’ve got here includes Quilt Road (2005), Rowan Patchwork and Quilting Book Number 4 (2002), Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts (2010) and Quilts en Provence (2010). I’m currently adding to the borders to a quilt inspired by a design in Quilt Road, which I’ll show you soon.

Summer is also a time for finishing off projects. This picture shows Joan’s beautiful machine quilting on a little baby quilt from the spring. It was a few strips left from my Botany roll along with Kona Snow, which made a sunny quilt for a baby. I found some yellow gingham in my stash for the perfect backing. And you can see I still finish my bindings by hand .. although I greatly admire those who can do a neat machine binding, I’m afraid I’m never happy with my result.

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  1. Anne Simonot permalink
    July 15, 2011 6:37 pm

    I have had the same thought about the Kaffe books – beautiful quilts, settings, and fabrics – but the instructions suck! Templates — really?! Ditto for your experience with machine binding – I can do a much better job by hand – over the years I’ve improved and now it’s damn near Time-consuming but I save it for working nights – if it’s a quiet night having something like this to do helps keep me awake.

  2. August 10, 2011 11:25 am

    Though I have never seen the books by Kaffe, I liked your idea about going back to look at the books I have on quilting for ideas. Over the years, I have picked up many, many books, and had forgotten all the different ideas in them. I am also going to have to go to the library to see how many other books I can get to look at. Thanks for the inspiration.

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